[texhax] Alignment \sum with large underscripts

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Mon May 1 10:25:26 CEST 2006

The problem is a bit wider and covers all big operators with
underscripts in display mode and with wide underscripts (wider than
the operator itself, so \int will be especially vulnerable:

&\sum_{Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa} ....\
&\sum_{Bbbbbbbbbb} .....
are aligned on the left (on odd &) as they supposed to be: so A
matches B but signs of the sum themselves are not aligned. Is there
any standard way to align signs of sum rather than underscripts? (I
can do it by hand for sure)

Another related question: in {align} is there any way to align like in
{tabular}{c} ?

Thank you in advance

Victor Ivrii, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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