[texhax] Was Re: pagestyle{empty}; Now is LaTeX documentation

Peter Flom Flom at ndri.org
Fri Mar 31 15:24:53 CEST 2006

Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
      I'm not sure I understand the point here.  Anyway, surely, the 
      point is that  the documentation IS there.  Does it really take
     much imagination to find it?  For example, I can do a file search
     "parallel.*" and it will come up with parallel.dvi relatively
quickly.  In 
    fact, an editor like WinEdt allows you to double click on the 
    usepackage command and then makes a  thorough search for any 

One reason to encourage even newbie questions (and to heap praise on
those who give comprehensive answers, rather than just RTFM answers,
even if well-intentioned) is that OTHERS may learn something   

This particular case illustrates two things that others (e.g. me) might
learn: 1) The existence of a package.  There are a LOT of packages,
useful for all sorts of things, and when someone asks a question about
one of them, anyone reading the message also gets to learn a little
about it.  So, the questions are useful to others who might not even
know what question to ask. 

2) The existence of some command that is helpful in other ways, like
the fact that you can double click on usepackage in WinEdt and get a
search done.  

OK, this does make for a busier list.  But, if a person uses a sensible
subject line, it takes very little time to delete posts you aren't
interested in.

All the above is just my opinion, of course


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