[texhax] Was Re: pagestyle{empty}; Now is LaTeX documentation

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Fri Mar 31 09:54:34 CEST 2006

> As an occasional LaTeX user, who struggled to get to grips with the
> earliest releases, and never used it enough to become a 'regular user',
> and still tends to put {\bf ...} in his documents,

Yes, but, sleep peacefully, you won't go to hell for that!  Nor will your
LaTeX documents self-destruct.

> I much prefer answers of the form 'do it like this...' to those which
> say 'this is wrong, go and
> read the book', especially when the 'do it like this...' reply can be a
> one-liner.

Yes, but it also seems fair to add one more line now and then ... ;-)

> I HAVE bought a copy of the Latex Companion (2nd Ed, at vast expense;


> I have no expense account that I can bill it to!) and I have yet to read
> it from cover to cover (one day I'll find time and inclination), and I
> do consult online documentation before asking questions (which is why
> you may find my name unfamiliar).

Fair enough (I don't think I ever read a manual from cover to cover), but at
least there is a sign some effort here.

Anyway, here's another allegory.  There are two ways to learn how to drive a
car: 1. pay for and take driving leassons; 2. just jump in and have a go.
Which is the most expensive in the end?

Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe

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