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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Mar 29 23:57:42 CEST 2006

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> writes:

  > The behaviour is not a bug but a feature. The standard LaTeX
  > classes are written so that initial pages (pages containing a
  > \maketitle, \part, or \chapter) have a different page style from
  > the rest of the document; to achieve this, the commands internally
  > issue \thispagestyle{plain}. This is usually not acceptable
  > behaviour if the surrounding page style is 'empty'.

It is meant as a feature but it is definitely a bug.

If you say \pagestyle{empty} in the preamble, you should get what you
asked for.  The bug is that the bevaviour depends on the
\documentclass you are using and not on the \pagestyle you selected.

I suppose that it had not been fixed in LaTeX2e in favour of beeing
compatible with LaTeX-2.09.

  >> {\bf Key Words}: elliptic equations, embedding theorems, a priori
  >> bounds, weighted spaces,

  > Please get a new book on LaTeX.

There is also a lot of documentation in the texmf/doc directory.
It's a pity that most people don't know, though they spent a lot of
time downloading all this.

  > The \bf command has been deprecated for more than a decade.

For AMS-LaTeX there is a macro package which re-defines deprecated
commands so that they print quite useful warning messages on screen or
even errors if requested.



% This package inhibits the usage of plain \TeX\ and on demand of
% standard \LaTeX\ math environments.
% This is useful for class writers who want to force their clients to
% use the environments provided by the amsmath package.

IMO it would not be bad to have something like that for LaTeX.

I don't think that it makes sense for \bf because I fear that it will
not recognize things like \let\bf\bfseries in the preamble if it only
re-defines \bf, but I suppose that it can be useful for many problems
described in:


And it would be quite nice to point people to amsldoc.{pdf,ps,dvi}
when they try to use \eqnarray.  Maybe they should be pointed to this
file when they begin typesetting mathematics at all...

Does anyone have enough time to prepare such a package?


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