[texhax] makebst/author abbreviation

Bryan W. Lepore bryanlepore at mail.utexas.edu
Sun Mar 26 21:56:37 CEST 2006

makebst creates a .dbj with:

  nm-rev,%: Surname + initials
    %: (def) All authors

.. my .bib @Article entry has e.g:

{Fernando X Bernardi, William X Cherry, Sason X Shaik, Nicolaos X Epiotis},

... the output has :

Fernando X Bernardi, S. X. S. N. X. E., William X Cherry

... i'd like:

Bernardi, F. X., Cherry, W. X., Shaik, S. X., Epiotis, N. X.

i am missing something obvious, b/c this is an everyday author list - any
pointers appreciated.

i did makebst a few times... if i hammer on it enough, i can make the order come
out different but i'm not really following why, but i can't make the
abbreviations come out right.


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