[texhax] Any recommendation for wmf->eps/pdf?

Christer Thörn christer.thorn at ing.hj.se
Fri Mar 24 12:54:38 CET 2006

Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
>> I suppose I'm not the only one who occasionally have to turn wmf/emf's
>> into eps or pdf?
> Nope, in fact, this is something of a VFAQ.
>> I've done the googling and sifted through the
>> shareware-sites trying to find a good piece of software to do it, but
>> figured I would ask if someone has any recommendations.
>> Has to work on at least Windows, free is good, open source is better.
>> You can answer off-list if you don't want to litter the texhax-archives.
> Probably the easiest way to convert ANY graphics to eps is simply to install
> a fake printer (there are many drivers available under Windows without
> actually having the printer itself) - obviously, you must choose a
> postscript printer (perhaps colour) and set the output to file (choosing
> also maximum portability).  Then open up your image in its default programme
> and print  it using the new driver.

Which is what I've always done before and do now, and I constantly end 
up having to mess with bounding boxes, media sizes and whatnot and it is 
almost never consistent between the applications. Most applications can 
however save/clipboard vector graphics into wmf/emf.

> For pdf, eifther convert the eps you just created or use something like
> pdfcreator (a free pdf printer much along the lines as what I just described
> for eps).
> Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe

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