[texhax] LaTeX to InDesign -- follow-up

David C. Walden dave at walden-family.com
Thu Mar 23 20:27:53 CET 2006


Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  Here is what I "learned"
in case anyone cares.

- tth appeared not to be able to handle my macros
- I couldn't figure out how to make latex2rtf work on my XP computer
   in the finite amount of time I had to struggle with it
- creating tagged text for InDesign seemed like I had to learn
   a whole new thing
- the compositor said that importing text into InDesign from my test
   PDF output from LaTeX didn't work well

So, as I did once before, I generated HTML with VisualTeX which seems
to handle my macros, cut the text from the HTML and pasted it
into Word .doc files doing a (very) few little manual tweaks
to the Word files -- one for each chapter.  This appears to
make the publisher's compositor pretty happy as she can cut the
text out of Word and paste it into InDesign and it all flows (line
folds) very well; all of my figures were already Illustrator .eps
files, which the compositor loves.  She will have to do a
lot of manual clean up, but this doesn't seem to bother her
as she already expects to touch every page many times with InDesign.

Thanks again.

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