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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Mar 22 19:17:27 CET 2006


> after the recent post on atchange I decided to check it out - but
> the downloadable script on the webpage doesn't work on my machine
> (g4 powerbook, default installation).  If anyone has a copy of that
> script that works on their machine could they please email it to me
> as an attachment (no need to post to the list).

At the very bottom of the page on atchange


is a section that should resolve your question:

Atchange on Mac OS X

Basically, atchange needs to be told where to get perl from and it's
different on different flavors of unix.  On the new MacBook Pro, the
location is /usr/bin/perl as stated there but I haven't tried atchange
on that machine yet.


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