[texhax] Using Adobe OpenType fonts with LaTeX?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 20 22:52:18 CET 2006

    Any hints as to helpful resources 

In addition to what William wrote, I believe fontforge can convert from
opentype to type1 (which is the only thing dvips can deal with; pdftex
can handle truetype also, to some extent).  That may or may not work out
better than the lcdf-typetools; just thought I'd mention it.

    that would allow me to "do the math" 

Math is another whole problem.  The glyphs might not even exist in the
font, for one thing.  If not, Stephen Hartke's survey of free math fonts
at http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~hartke/computer/latex/survey/survey.html is
far and away the most comprehensive look at the free (or semi-free)
math fonts that I know of.

If the Plantin does have the math glyphs, then there's another whole
project of actually getting TeX to use them.  I'm not sure of the best
reference on that, or if there is even is one.


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