[texhax] jpeg into LaTeX

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Mar 20 10:01:27 CET 2006

Douglas Tallant :

> To whom it may concern, greetings.
> I've been frustrated by something for the longest time.  I can't find a 
> way to get any kind of picture/diagram into a Latex program.  I've been 
> told that I can convert a jpeg into a PDF format, but I don't have 
> Adobe.  I tried to use Microsoft Publisher to convert to post script, 
> but I don't have a post script printer.
> Do you have any ideas?
> I've also had trouble getting to different fonts.  I can't use 'Rustic,' 
> for example.

two choices:

(1) use pdflatex instead of latex, pdflatex supports jpg. You will have to 
convert all of your eps files into PDF using something like epstopdf.

(2) create a PostScript wrapper for the jpg. Google for 'jpeg2ps' which is 
a nice little program for doing just that.


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