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|=> Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> wrote:
|=> > And you can't use graphicx, but must do it yourself?
|=> Yes, I can't seem to use graphicx, though if you can tell 
|=> me how to do
|=> that, please do.
|=> I'm not writing a single document, but preparing a class 
|=> file that will
|=> be used in many documents.  I want to be able to call on the company
|=> logo with macros like \companylogosmall and 
|=> \companylogolarge, but right
|=> now the only way I can see to do that with graphicx involves using
|=> \includegraphics and duplicating the logo eps file in many different
|=> places (one for each of many different documents) around the file
|=> hierarchy.  The logo isn't big, so I imagined that if I 
|=> tucked it into
|=> the bottom of the class file, it would have these advantages:
|=>  o Don't need to use \includegraphics in the documentation files
|=>    themselves, since the logo only really needs to be in 
|=> the title page
|=>    and page headers.  This makes the files themselves 
|=> simpler looking,
|=>    and still leaves the macros available if someone wants 
|=> to be cute.

I solved this using fancyheadings (and includegraphics) with some fiddling on dimensions to get the logo into the right position outside the text area, 
and by that way added other necessary 
page header information, too. Now my class looks exactly like required, still I cannot convince the word community to even accept the resulting pdf files, they 
want to use word/cutandpaste 
BTW. I had much success reducing the logo.ps file size using potrace and now 
have a scalable pdf logo to include in any place and size needed. 

|=>  o It makes managing the effort easier.  (i.e. no one would 
|=> complain to
|=>    me that the logo was missing because he forgot to install it in a
|=>    subdirectory.)  If the logo changes, I can deal with it in one
|=>    place. 
|=> As I said, if you can suggest to me how to plant one 
|=> graphics file next
|=> to the class definition file and have \includegraphics find 
|=> it, or some
|=> other way to gain these two advantages, I'm all ears.
|=> Thanks again to all for all the help,
|=>  -tom
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