[texhax] ligatures

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 16 02:35:14 CET 2006

    and there is a parsing problem that prevents you from requesting it
    on the ps2pdf command line.

It would be good to report this to the Ghostscript maintainers, if you
have time.

    I guess that means that palatino is one of the standard 35 PS fonts
    according to dvips, but not one of the select group of 14 according to
    ghostscript.  Go figure.

Yes, that reflects historical reality.  When PostScript first shipped,
printers included limited variants Times, Helvetica, Courier, and Symbol
(as I recall), 14 fonts in all.  Shortly thereafter, the next PostScript
release had Palatino, Century Schoolbook, and the rest.  I remember
being quite excited to see all these wonderful fonts roll out of the
LaserWriter for the first time!

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