[texhax] \special{} and postscript

tom sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Wed Mar 15 19:48:40 CET 2006

Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> wrote:

> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Sgouros <tomfool at as220.org> writes:
>   > Can you do something like this in such a way that both pdflatex
>   > and dvips/ps2pdf can hack it?  I notice that pdflatex seems to
>   > blithely ignore my \specials, though dvips can deal with them ok.
> Maybe tikz/pgf is powerful enough for your logo.  It is not as
> powerful as PostScript, though.  But it works with dvips, pdftex and
> tex4ht and supports latex, plain and context.  If you don't have it on
> your system already, get it from CTAN.

Thanks.  I will look into that.  Just to be clear, there is nothing
particularly special about the logo, except that it was done a while ago
by someone else and uses Type 1 fonts I don't have.  I have a PS version
of it now, though, including the seven letter glyphs used in the logo.

The situation is that I am trying to persuade a company to let me manage
their doc needs with LaTeX instead of Framemaker and Word.  The easier I
can make the installation, and the simpler the source files, the less
grumbling from engineers, and the more likely they are to permit me to
use it.  So while making a class file to copy the old book style I
thought I'd add a \logo macro to reproduce the company logo from the PS
version that I've got.  Kluwer does the same thing, providing the funny
"K" symbol in the class file they circulate for journal submissions.
(I'd copy that one, but it's just a bitmap, where mine is made with PS
curveto and fill commands.)

The situation now is that my \logo works well enough for my use, but not
well enough to boast about it, and while hunting for references to help
me figure out how one is supposed to put PS into a \special, I came up
kind of dry.

Many thanks,


 tomfool at as220 dot org

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