[texhax] Crosscompilation of TeX

wolfgang.huber at freidenker.at wolfgang.huber at freidenker.at
Fri Mar 10 19:41:23 CET 2006


> Is there any special requirement for TeX & Co. in terms of hardware.
> E.g. the ARM-processor does not contain a floating point unit. (It will
> be emulated, which takes really long time). Therefore heavy use of
> floating point calculation would limit the practical use on the Zaurus
> due to speed issues.

TeX and Friends use fixed point arithmetic, so this shouldn't be an issue

> Is there any special needs of software (kernel, libaries etc.) which
> would be difficult to obtain for ARM processors or where sources are not
> available resp. cross-compilation is not possible.
If you have a cross compilation environment, porting should be fairly
easy. I would recommend teTeX, but you would need only parts of it.


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