[texhax] TeX or LaTeX "engine" for Windows PC

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Mar 10 14:39:20 CET 2006

At 23:01 07.03.06, Karl Berry wrote:
>Also, as it happens, this same question (about typesetting math from an
>outside program) was asked and answered recently on texhax.  Check the

Indeed, there has been the thread
     "Incorporating TeX into Custom-made Programs"
which I recommend very much to read.
Especially Karl's answer as of Feb 27 has some similarities
with my previous posting, but also interesting differences.
E.g., Karl and I referred to appendix G of the TeXbook.
Karl recommended to re-implement the algorithm,
while I rather didn't :-)
(And I thought that appendix G is almost impossible to
understand without reading certain parts of chapters 17f.
-- not the "how to" parts, rather those dealing with spacing
[including "atoms"] and choosing sizes in a general way
The other postings of "Incorporating ..." date from Feb 16.
(I found this in tidying up my texhax mailbox.)

I have realized that alignment can be very important
in math parts -- "equation arrays", "commutative diagrams",
"cases" ... To avoid macro packages here, you would have
to read TeXbook pp. 235 on \halign.

All the best,

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