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El 6/30/06 8:40 AM, "Henry,Robert" <Robert.D.Henry at drexel.edu> escribió:

> Hi,
> I am working on a book for a professor and we are not able to set up multiple
> indexes.  I was able to do a normal index, but was wondering if there is a
> sample file that I can used to see how this is done?  For example we want to
> set up an author index, a notation index, and a list of contacts. Any
> information that you can send would greatly be appreciated.  I am using MiTex
> with Winedit.
I work on Mac OS X; therefore, I use Terminal for the following; I don¹t
know how to do it in Windows.

1) In the preamble, for example:

\newindex{aut}{aidx}{aind}{\uppercase{Author index}}
\newindex{not}{nidx}{nind}{\uppercase{Notation index}}
\newindex{cont}{cidx}{cind}{\uppercase{Contacts index}}

2) Then, in your text:

This is a reference to Knuth\indexa{Knuth, D. E.}, where I have a
notation\indexn{my notation}, and the contact\indexc{my contact} data.

3) And then, in Terminal (or the like, I hope) the following commands:

makeindex -o my_Book.aind my_Book.aidx

makeindex -o my_Book.nind my_Book.nidx

makeindex -o my_Book.cind my_Book.cidx

PLEASE, back up your data before attempting this ---once I lost a whole book
because of a wrong command.

4) Finally, where you want your indices to appear:






Hope this works for you.


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