[texhax] boders on top and bottom only with \fcolorbox -solved

Brent Legge Brent.Legge at messagingdirect.com
Fri Jun 30 22:19:48 CEST 2006

Alright, I figured it out.  Nothing like a good 45min workout to clear 
the mind.  I got it to work with strategicly placec \vskip(s) to move 
the position of the \fcolorbox in tandem with the \rule(s)

    \vskip-0.25mm\fcolorbox {lightgray}{lightgray}{
    \parbox{4.8cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Nr~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \an{#1}\vskip2pt}
    \parbox{7cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Rodzaj~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \an{#2}\vskip2pt}
    \parbox{3cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Oprocentowanie~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize\hfil \an{#3}\hfill\vskip2pt}\nobreak
    \hskip3pt\parbox{2cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize\hfil 
Waluta~rachunku\hfill \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \hfil\an{#4}\hfill\vskip2pt}

Brent Legge wrote:

>Sorry I should be more clear about the carriage return.  I have it there 
>so the \fcolorbox does not get pushed off the page by the preceding \rule.
>Brent Legge wrote:
>>Hi TexHax,
>>I'm trying to do a shaded text area with a dark border, but I only want 
>>the border to occur on the tob and bottom of the box.  I've attempted 
>>this using \rule in the following code:
>> \sffamily\fontseries{bx}\fontshape{n}\selectfont
>> \parbox{17.55cm}{
>>   \parbox[1pt]{17.55cm}{\vskip10mm\rule{18cm}{1pt}}%
>>   \fcolorbox {lightgray}{lightgray}{
>>     \parbox{17.55cm}{\hskip-3pt
>>   \parbox{4.8cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Nr~rachunku \vskip4pt
>>     \footnotesize \an{#1}\vskip2pt}
>>   \parbox{7cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Rodzaj~rachunku \vskip4pt
>>     \footnotesize \an{#2}\vskip2pt}
>>   \parbox{3cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Oprocentowanie~rachunku \vskip4pt
>>     \footnotesize\hfil \an{#3}\hfill\vskip2pt}\nobreak
>>   \hskip3pt\parbox{2cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize\hfil 
>>Waluta~rachunku\hfill \vskip4pt
>>     \footnotesize \hfil\an{#4}\hfill\vskip2pt}
>>     }
>>   }
>>   \parbox{17.55cm}{\vskip-0.5mm\rule{18cm}{1pt}}
>> }
>>   \sffamily\fontseries{m}\fontshape{n}\selectfont
>>But this results in a small gap between the top border and the gray box 
>>(introduced by the carriage return).
>>Is there another package that can be used to accomplish this or is there 
>>something missing in \fcolorbox that I could be using?

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