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tom sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Fri Jun 23 02:03:25 CEST 2006

Gary Knott <knott at civilized.com> wrote:

> Dear Tom,
> Thanks for responding.  I have tried both
> \usepackage{times} and \usepackage{mathptmx}
> But, my problem is not getting a listing per se.
> I can get a good listing with the command
> dvips -o book.ps book.dvi
> The problem is that I need to make a
> pdf file that is both screen-viewable and printable.
> I have read that this means using so-called type-1
> fonts.

I'm not sure what you mean by a listing.  Using the download35 map will
give you all Type 1 fonts, and will work both in PDF and to print.

It might be a good moment for someone who knows to explain the
difference between config.pdf and config.download35, but I'm not that
person.  I find that each time I think I almost understand the font
handling in X/PostScript/TeX/PDF it slips away from me.

> As I understand it, I can make a .ps file
> with type-1 fonts by typing:
> dvips -Ppdf -o book.ps book.dvi
> and then make my .pdf file by typing:
> ps2pdf12 book.ps book.pdf

This will work, but so will this:

  $ dvips -o book.ps book.dvi
  $ ps2pdf book.ps

> However(!) printing the file book.ps created
> with the -Ppdf switch via the command lpr book.ps,
> has "fi" replaced by pound-sterling everywhere - and
> "fl" is some strange char too.  I expect this means that
> book.pdf is broken too.

I don't know why you'd expect that without looking.  What is apparently
happening is that the printer has a different Times font than your TeX
setup, with the pound sterling symbol in the slot where your TeX setup
thought it should have a ligature, and the default for dvips is not to
include the Times font in the output PS file.

> You suggested using:
> dvips -Pdownload35 -o book.ps book.dvi
> - That works, as does [dvips -o book.ps book.dvi] -
> but, I still need the type-1 fonts pdf file, so
> I tried [dvips -Pdownload35 -Ppdf -o book.ps book.dvi]
> and that failed! (pound-sterlings appear again!)

The -P options are meant to be, I believe, mutually exclusive.  Look for
the files config.download35 and config.pdf, and you may not understand
all, but part of it will become clear.  They are just collections of
dvips command-line options.


> tom sgouros wrote:
> > What font are you using?  If you're using Times, Palatino and some
> > others I can't remember, the font is not included in the output by dvips
> > (even though the documentation says that including the font is the
> > default) so you rely on the hp printer to have the same font as you TeX
> > installation, and ligatures are often casualties of any conflict.  Try
> > this:
> >  dvips -Pdownload35 book.dvi
> > The "35" refers to the 35 basic postscript fonts, that someone else
> > here
> > can list for you.
> >  -tom
> >
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