[texhax] Vertical alignment problem

Steven Lau steven-tex at turtle.net
Thu Jun 15 14:03:58 CEST 2006

Dear Texhax,

I would like to format an equation that uses matrices/vectors.
To aid understanding, I want to put the dimensions of each
matrix/vector underneath their respective elements.

I am using:

\mathop{y}_{T\times1} = \mathop{X\beta}_{T\times k\;k\times1} + \mathop{u}_{T\times1}

This works in that the dimensions are correctly
positioned horizontally with their respective matrices/vectors
but since there is a mix of upper/lowercase characters for
matrices/vectors and greek letters for constants, the 
dimensions are not vertically aligned with the dimensions of  
other elements in the equation. 

Is there any way to keep the dimensions correctly horizontally
aligned with their respective elements but also make them
vertically aligned with the dimensions of the other elements
in the equation?

Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Steven Lau

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