[texhax] Upright digits in theorems

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Jun 12 23:54:34 CEST 2006

At 00:04 09.06.06, Alex Scorpan wrote:
>Your package seems to collide with {align}, screaming
>         ! Argument of \@replace has an extra }.

In fact this happens with Standard eqnarray already.
And I guess there are many (essentially) other ways
to get this error.

The present version of "righting" is kind of "anarchistic"
in allowing some typesetting before all numbers have
been replaced. These errors can be avoided by doing
all replacements before typesetting the environment.

I must go to bed before I demonstrate this.
Anyway, this "raw replacing" approach has a
weakness which I consider even more serious:
\\[1ex] will produce another error. Well, one could
devise a routine that doesn't replace within brackets
-- but (i) some authors may intend that brackets
are typeset, e.g.: `X is 1-[2-]symmetric if ...'
(ii) digits in \item[...] *should* be "righted".

So I am even more convinced than before that
you better use special (virtual) fonts. My replacing
macros rather are a toy or an exercise for
baby TeX gurus.

All the best,

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