[texhax] dual-use input/output macro

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Jan 24 10:30:25 CET 2006

> At 21:54 17.11.05, Lars Madsen wrote:
>> There is of course the way lshort does it, i.e. write the argument to an 
>> external file, do a verbatim input and a normal input. I use the same thing 
>> for internal examples i my LaTeX book.
>> But there should be a rather exotic package by Peter Sabo (if it's spelled 
>> like that), I've forgotten the name, but he gave a talk about it at EuroTeX 
>> 2005.
> 2. I'd like to endorse the authors of lshort and the LaTeX
> Companion to publish the macros they've used for their
> examples in separate .sty files (or are they non-free?).

There may be other reasons for not publishing the macros used. For my own 
book (www.imf.au.dk/system/latex/bog/, third edition is under way) I use a 
homemade package, which though a package, basically cannot be used with 
other classes than memoir or other layouts than the one that I'm using.

Maybe at some point I'll write a cleaner version, but haven't had the time 
or energy for it.

> [c] ... summarizing these and further considerations:
> Investing time in _manuals_ surely is worthwhile
> -- but what about documentation of implementation?
> Is TeXing the latter worthwhile?

it takes a very long time writing implementation documentation, especially 
if you didn't write any from the beginning of the project.


``You cannot help men permanently by doing for them 
what they could and should do for themselves. ''
  -- Abraham Lincoln

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