[texhax] RE: How to use a created box's dimensions....

W. Craig Carter ccarter at mit.edu
Sat Jan 14 15:46:30 CET 2006

Thank you Michael,

>> I want a command such as \setover{text text text}{b}, similar to
>> \underbrace{}{}, but in paragraph mode. "text text text" should be
>> in an \hbox at the same height as the current line, and "b" should
>> be centered below "text text text"  It would also be nice to have
>> the option of putting at "\upbracefill" between the "text text text"
>> and the "b."
> Is this what you want?
> $\underbrace{\hbox{text text text} }_{\hbox{b}}$

This works (Using the ams \text{} in place of the \hbox{} is what I 
used as a workaround), but I am hoping for is to *learn* how to do 
it fundamentally.  What if I don't want the underbrace?  I am hoping 
that I can do it outside of math mode.

Thanks, C. Carter

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