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Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Mon Jan 9 19:26:59 CET 2006

I am in the later stages of preparing a book manuscript, and have  
encountered a behavior in BibTeX which I don't understand.

On page 2 of the book (in the LaTeX file) is the following index entry:
on page 129 is another
	\index{Newton!Principia@\textit{Principia}!Book 1, Lemma 7}
and on page 191 another
	\index{Newton!Principia@\textit{Principia}!Book 2, Lemma 2}.

I would expect these to come out, in the bibliography, as
	Principia, 2
		Book 1, Lemma 7,  129
		Book 2, Lemma 2,   191

but instead I get
		Book 1, Lemma 7, 129
		Book 2, Lemma 2, 191
	Principia, 2

(Note that the index entries above are verbatim: I copied them via  
copy and paste from the files)

Why is BibTeX reading the subitem entries as subitems to something  
different from the general reference, and what can I do about it?

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