[texhax] \name in the letter class

Vincent Lönngren bice77 at malmo2.net
Fri Jan 6 15:28:48 CET 2006


I've looked through the FAQ, the newsgroup and list archives and so on,
but haven't found the answer to this.

According to the documentation \name is supposed to supply a name to be
used with the return address. It is, however, not used at all as far as
I can tell, and every example I have seen specifies the name within the
argument to \address, optionally also giving it with \name on the side.

Maybe this is not a very urgent question, since the letter class isn't
widely used, but it disturbs me somehow. I hope someone can tell me if
this is a bug or if it's something I just don't get.
Vincent Lönngren <bice77 at malmo2.net>

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