[texhax] making tables bigger

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Feb 28 17:37:54 CET 2006

Christopher W. Ryan :

> I struggled over the weekend typing my daughter's science fair project.  It 
> was for display on a typical tri-fold cardboard poster, so it had to be 
> legible from a distance.  I typed it in article style using \Large and that 
> seemed to work--except for the data table, which remained small, as it would 
> be in a written manuscript.
> I fiddled with various boxes, minipages, and putting \Large in the body of 
> the table environment, but I couldn't get it right.
> I did an end-run and used seminar style, as if I was making overhead 
> transparencies, and that did the trick.
> But I was wondering if there was a straightforward way to make tables larger 
> in article style.
> Thanks.

Could you make a minimal example of what you did?



works fine.


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