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Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sun Feb 26 22:55:22 CET 2006

TUGboat 26#3 is at the printer, and should be mailed
in less than two weeks.  The contents list is attached

The articles in this issue are posted on-line at
tug.org/tugboat, accessible to members only for the first
year after publication.  Issues more than a year old are
accessible to all comers.
  							-- bb


TUGboat 26/3 (2005)


General Delivery

179   Karl Berry:           From the president
180   Barbara Beeton:       Editorial comments
  	Mimi Burbank retires
  	Brian {Hamilton Kelly}, 1945--2005
  	Erratum for TUGboat 25:2
          E-mail addresses in TUGboat on line
          The TUGboat schedule
          Lucida Bright fonts now available from TUG
          Knuth on NPR
          Letters in stone
181   Gianluca Pignalberi:  Interview with Donald E. Knuth
186   Andrzej Tomaszewski:  Implementing editors' ideas --
                              lots of fun, sometimes even more trouble


188   Jim Hefferon:  Minutes in less than hours: Using LaTeX resources
193   Steve Peter:   starttext: Swelled rules and MetaPost


196   Peter Flynn:   Typographers' Inn


199   Peter Wilson:  The alphabet tree


215   Will Robertson:  Advanced font features with XeTeX --
                         the fontspec package
224   Ioannis Vamvakas and Panagiotis Kotopoulis:  ByZLaTeX:
  		       A package for typesetting ``Byzantine'' music

Software & Tools

233   Gerben Wierda:     i-Installer: The evolution of a TeX install
  		         on Mac OS X
239   Herbert Schulz:    The MacTeX distribution
241   Norbert Preining:  TeX Live for Debian
243   Hans Hagen:        Hyphenation patterns in ConTeXt


246   Michael Barr:    Diagxy, a Lego-like diagram package
250   Troy Henderson:  Embedding fonts in MetaPost output

Hints & Tricks

253   Peter Wilson:    Glisterings
256   Pearls of TeX programming
264   Mark LaPlante:   The treasure chest


268   Hendri Adriaens and Christopher Ellison:
                         powerdot -- making presentations with LaTeX
273   Enrico Gregorio: Horrors in LaTeX: How to misuse LaTeX
  	               and make a copy editor unhappy


280   Karl Berry and Oleg Katsitadze:   Eplain 3: Expanded plain TeX


287  TeXemplares: Contents of issue 7 (2005)
287  Zpravodaj: Contents of issues 14(3-4), 15(1), 15(2) (2004-05)
289  Les Cahiers GUTenberg: Contents of double issue 44-45 (2004)
290  MAPS: Contents of issues 32 (2005)
292  The PracTeX Journal: Contents of issues 2005-1--2005-4} (2005)

News & Announcements

297  Calendar
302  Practical TeX 2006 announcement
303  EuroTeX 2006 announcement
304  TUG 2006 announcement

TUG Business

298  Robin Laakso:	Financial statements for 2005
300  Karl Berry and Kaja Christiansen:
  	                TeX Development Fund 2005 report
301  TUG membership form
302  Institutional members


300  TeX consulting and production services


cover 3  Table of contents, ordered by difficulty

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