[texhax] latex default output font

Olaf Dietrich olaf at dtrx.de
Wed Feb 22 09:07:24 CET 2006

Steve Schwartz (2006-02-21T17:02:36+0000):
> I have followed this exchange with some interest (and looked at a
> similar set of postings from last December). I tried the sansmath
> package but it still leaves (at least for my setup) math looking quite
> serif. I've stumbled across the sfmath package at
> http://dtrx.de/od/tex/sfmath.html which seems to do a good job (I'm not
> a typesetter, nor a (La)TeX font guru, and haven't looked at all parts).
[examples ...]
> Perhaps someone could put sfmath up on ctan?

Generally, I wouldn't mind putting sfmath on CTAN - it's just
that I always thought sfmath.sty to be a little bit too much
of a kludge.

There are some issues that can be justifiedly critized from
a typographical point of view (problems with font metrics
and spacing, rather crude mixture of different fonts);
and several combinations of sfmath.sty + e.g. helvet.sty with
LaTeX math alphabet macros such as \mathnormal{\Alpha\Beta},
\mathrm{\Alpha\Beta} etc. still don't work. Recently, I
learned about a similar problem with units.sty and the
uppercase Omega for Ohm.

Anyway, if some people think that sfmath.sty should be put
to CTAN (and tell me so), that's okay for me and will upload

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