[texhax] \thepage issues, seems like a bug, but how could it be??

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Feb 18 21:46:39 CET 2006

>>>>> "Micha" == Micha Hofri <hofri at cs.wpi.edu> writes:

  > If I understood right, the ExTeX project aims at reimplementing
  > the TeX kernel as well; hopefully they will avoid such a decision.

No, it was a good decision.  Knuth's TeX will be dead unless it will
be extended.  What will TeX be worth in the future when it is not able
to make use of OpenType fonts, stucks with 8bit while all the world is
using Unicode and so on?  

Knuth always encouraged people to extend TeX, thus he made the well
documented sources available.  ExTeX is one approach to keep TeX alive.

Another approach is pdfTeX.  pdfTeX also modifies the TeX kernel, and
Thanh had been encouraged by Knuth to do so.


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