[texhax] Incorporating TeX into Custom-made Programs

Micha Hofri hofri at cs.wpi.edu
Thu Feb 16 13:55:32 CET 2006

Dear Daniel,

you do not tell how deep you already are into your program.  If switching 
horses is not yet something you would not dare contemplate, I suggest you 
give any of the CASes (computer algebra systems) such as Maple, the only 
one I am somewhat familiar with, but there are others, Mathematica, 
Macsyma, Maxima..., a good look.  They allow the incorporation of text, 
mathematics (of any kind, and a few others), diagrams, plots etc in an 
elegant way, especially, I believe, the first two above, which allow you 
to write a book or prepare complete presentations within the system.

The rest of your life is, I hope, a long time...


At 06:07 on 02/16/06 Daniel Wyckoff sent:

: Dear TUG,
: I've searched for the last four hours for an answer to my question, and this
: is my last resort.  Sorry if I sound ignorant, but here goes:
: I'm devoting the rest of my life to making a very complicated educational
: program that runs through abstract mathematical proofs and displays visual
: aids.  Probably naively, I'm planning to write it in C and use OpenGL.
: Anyway, I need a way for the program to display mathematical symbols along
: with visualizations of the mathematical structures.  So, I need a way to
: display math symbols graphically on the screen.  I thought that somebody would
: have already written some library to achieve this, but I was wrong or just not
: thorough enough.  How do you suggest that I incorporate TeX symbols into a
: graphical C program?
: Thanks so much for your help!
: -Daniel Wyckoff
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