[texhax] Turning off bad box messages

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre.tex at free.fr
Tue Aug 22 13:54:20 CEST 2006

----- Chris Bergstresser wrote: -----

>Hi all --
>   I'm writing a package which has to put a lot of stuff in specific
>places on a page, and TeX is proving to be near impossible to work
>with.  The latest hassle is the tons of overfill hbox warnings that
>get spit out to the console when it runs.  I can't figure out where
>the errors are coming from, because TeX won't tell me the line in the
>package file, just the line in the source that calls the package file,
>so I have little idea where they are or how to fix them.  And there's
>no errors, visually, in the output file.
>   How can I turn off the warnings?  I tried changing \hfuzz
>\tolerance and \hbadness as suggested in "A Gentle Introduction to
>TeX" but that doesn't suppress all of them, and changes the behavior
>of TeX to boot.  How can I fix this?
>-- Chris

The draft option to \documentclass could help show where the
overfull  hboxes are.

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