[texhax] constructing labels from counters

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Aug 9 13:03:26 CEST 2006

At 11:26 07.08.06, Moshe Kamensky wrote:

>Thank you for the explanation. It works in the simple setup I wrote, but
>not in the more complicated situation that I actually have. I was trying
>to produce an errata for my thesis. So I would like to have an
>environment that I can put around a change I made, with an argument that
>describes the change, and I want it to produce an entry in the errata
>page at the end with the text of this argument, and a ref back to the
>page where the change occurred. The way I implemented it is via the
>endnotes package. To give a reference back to the page I was trying to
>use this counter. This works for setting the label, but when I use
>\pageref{bar:\thefoo}, this expression is not expanded, but is written
>verbatim into the .ent file. Instead of all that, I currently just
>supply a label name as an extra argument to the environment. This works,
>but is slightly stupid, since I don't actually use the label anywhere

Sorry, I am short of time ... and I have never studied the endnotes package.
What astonishes me most is that \pageref wrote anything.
Moreover I wonder why you could hope that \thefoo in the \pageref
argument could refer to the intended place. Maybe for your task
inventing a new label name each time cannot be superseded.



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