[texhax] putting LaTeX author and title into .pdf description

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCHM) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Mon Aug 7 23:20:22 CEST 2006

the below latex document shows the 
trick I finally figured out about how to get
LaTeX author and title written into the .pdf description

unfortunately, just as I thinking
I had this completely worked out
I added a newline into my title:

\title{sugconf class example: \\ 
       Paper written for an annual SUG conference
       }%end title
which broke the write of \@title into the .pdf 

so: commentary, polishing, critique are welcome

Ron Fehd

%% name       : sugconf-example.tex
%% description: example of LaTeX document class sugconf
%% purpose    : illustrate use of LaTeX markup
%%              for SAS User Group conference authors
%% author     : Ronald J. Fehd for CTAN
%% date       : 8/4/2006
%% note       : open *.pdf, <Ctrl> D to view pdf description
%% make       : pdflatex sugconf-example


%macro variables used by sugconf
\sugconfsubject{writing paper using sugconf class}%
\sugconfpapernumber{Paper 999-99}%
%\sugconfpapernumber{\relax}%note: no paper number: warning in log
\sugconfkeywords{documentclass, LaTeX class, pdfLaTeX,
                 sugconf class}%end keywords: see in pdf description

%begin LaTeX document commands
\title{sugconf class example: Paper written for an annual SUG conference
       }%end title
\author{Ronald J. Fehd, TeX User Group member, Atlanta, GA, USA
        }%end author

%%book: The LaTeX Web Companion, Goossens and Rahtz, pg 43, 64, 65
\makeatletter%necessary to copy title and author into pdf description
\usepackage[bookmarks   =false%SUGI style guide
           ,pdfauthor   ={\@author}%
           ,pdfcreator  ={pdfLaTeX sugconf.cls}%
           ,pdfkeywords ={\SUGconfKeywords}%
           ,pdfstartview=FitBH%fit width of page to the window
           ,pdfsubject  ={\SUGconfSubject}%
           ,pdftitle    ={\@title}%
\pdfcompresslevel=9%best compression level for text and image
%end LaTeX document commands

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