[texhax] Conversion

John G. De Freitas defreitj at rogers.com
Wed Apr 26 00:17:25 CEST 2006

If you can, pleae help.

I have no idea what LaTeX can, will or should do.
I need to help a friend who uses LaTeX, has version 2.0 and files created by 2.0
He has old macros and a letterhead and some *.sty flies he needs to convert from ver. 2.0 to ver. 3.0
He uses a UNIX environment.

Could you please point me in the 'right' direction on what needs to be done so as to be able to convert the macros, .sty files.

I am very ignorant of the program and its abilities and worst, I have no clue og programming or developing code.
I am simply trying to 'repay' a favor. If you can help in any way please let me know.
Obviously, at your convenience only.
Thank you.

John De Freitas
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