[texhax] test for LaTeX typist ?

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at fh-aachen.de
Wed Apr 26 18:21:04 CEST 2006

Dana Murray wrote:
> Hi
> The secretary in our Math dept is leaving us.  She learned LaTeX very
> quickly and became quite proficient.  Ad now we have to replace her :-(
> Can anyone suggest a test, or an approach that we can follow, to
> determine whether an applicant for the job has the potential to become
> competent in LaTeX, roughy at the level of undergraduate math exam
> papers.  
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated  

The easiest way of testing LaTeX skills maybe to ask all applicants to 
send there application in both LaTeX-source and dvi-version.

By the way the solved this task you can decide whether you like to 
invite them for a interview or not.
By this way you will sort (T)eXperts and non-(T)experts even before the 
interview ;)

Other indicators; ask for programming skills. If they now perl, C, java, 
and bash-scripts, or whatever, they are at least familiar thinking in code.
HTML or PHP Skills maybe also indicate that they are capable to learn 
LaTeX fast.

A Linux-geeking factor might be also an indication for "like-to-learn-TeX".



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