[texhax] test for LaTeX typist ?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Apr 26 17:58:49 CEST 2006

IMHO, the best indicator of an inate ability to
"think [La]TeX" is the ability to express ideas
verbally without needing recourse to pictures
or gesticulation.  Perhaps the simplest test is
to ask someone to describe a helix : if they
can manage that without rotating a finger in
space, they can probably cope with \begin {foo}
... \end {foo} !

** Phil.
Michael Doob wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 April 2006 1:37 am, Dana Murray wrote:
>>The secretary in our Math dept is leaving us.  She learned LaTeX very
>>quickly and became quite proficient.  Ad now we have to replace her :-(
>>Can anyone suggest a test, or an approach that we can follow, to
>>determine whether an applicant for the job has the potential to become
>>competent in LaTeX, roughy at the level of undergraduate math exam
>>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
> Any typing test can be used to see if the mimumum skill level is present.
> The criterion I always looked for when hiring was "computer enthusiasm".
> If it is there, it's pretty easy to tease out during the interview.
> Cheers,
> Michael

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