[texhax] can't control page size - why? (the real problem)

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Apr 26 00:41:52 CEST 2006


>     Switching to dvips did change the BoundingBox, but I still have no
>     control over it!
> What options are you giving to dvips?

I wasn't using any.

> Maybe try:
>   dvips -T16cm,16cm -tunknown yourfile.dvi -o

with -tunknown dvips crashed!  But when I remove that ...

BINGO!!  I got the specified page size!


> By sheer coincidence (?), another fellow posted to Debian and thence to
> tex-k with the problem that dvips was "rounding" paper sizes to the
> closest "standard" size.  Perhaps that is happening here.  Just a wild
> guess ...

Sounds about right ...

I would think that there would be a strong control in latex that would
allow one to completely specify this.  But at least the above is


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