[texhax] Margins/Cropmarks [was ... Pagination ...]

rwd Nickalls dicknickalls at compuserve.com
Thu Apr 13 09:30:50 CEST 2006

Message text written by "pierre.mackay"

> The one way I have found to control placement on 
>the page (where this is a possibility) is to offer PDF output already 
>clipped to exactly the dimensions of the page, with David Fuchs's 
>classic one inch down and one inch right margins explicitly suppressed.
>dvips --> ps2pdf does this effectively and reliably and I have had no 
>serious disasters since I began submitting pre-cropped PDF (the crop 
>marks are left in the DVI file, but they fall one point outside the 
>limits of the cropped output).

I find that dvips--> ps2pdf output seems to /raise/ the text slightly
 relative to the paper (reducing the top white space) 
 when compared to using pdfTeX (which copies exactly the dvips output)
why is this?? 

Dick Nickalls
dicknickalls cat compuserve com

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