[texhax] redefine section heading in memoir class

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Apr 11 21:44:16 CEST 2006

> Thanks for the response. This code works if one has LaTeX do the
> numbering, if one uses \section{title}. However, I want to supply my
> own numbers. I have already given the titles numbers such as Appendix
> A1. I want my title to look like:
> 2.1 Modernizing Main St: Woolworth's Stores Adapt to the
>    New Look after WW 2


> Just to be clear, I am using LaTeX to format an XML document. I don't
> want to have LaTeX to any numbering. The XML document (through XSLT)
> already has numbers.

would have been nice to know from the beginning.

One question: are there any crossreferences?

and would it be possible to parse the sectional number in some way (I know 
nothing about xml or xslt).

I was thinking

print the sections as

\section{Modernizing Main St: Woolworth's Stores Adapt to the New Look 
after WW 2}

It's a crude way, but doable.

Otherwise, we'll, somehow have to parse the text to identify the sectional 
number becaause it has to be rendered differently than the rest.

Then againg, why let the xslt do the numbering, when LaTeX can?

Are there some special design issues that needs to be meet?


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