[texhax] lucida fonts

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Oct 26 21:07:47 CEST 2005

On Oct 26, 2005, at 3:30 AM, king tom wrote:

> Hi, I want to know how can I purchase lucida fonts(including lucida
> bright expert text fonts,  lucida newmath and mathtime fonts ) from Y
> & Y.

This is being worked on.

Karl Berry recently said on the texhax list:

On Oct 25, 2005, at 11:50 AM, Karl Berry wrote:

> I'm working on making the Lucida fonts available first -- hopefully in
> the not-too-distant future.  After that I will be working on releasing
> the Y&Y sources under some free license so that Windows-savvy 
> developers
> can (hopefully) do something useful with them.
> I remain very grateful to Chuck Bigelow & Kris Holmes for working with
> me on the Lucida arrangements when it is a niche market for them, and
> Blenda for making it all possible.


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