[texhax] tabular: remove \tabcolsep in one cell

Susan Dittmar S.Dittmar at eureca.de
Tue Oct 25 15:23:59 CEST 2005


I would like to typeset a tabular (in fact, longtable) with some
rather small columns which have a rather broad title. In order to
save space I would like to remove the \tabcolsep for the title
cell(s), or at least reduce it. I tried something like

{\centering title text}

which works find for c columns, but for p{} columns the \hspace
is put inside the cell box instead of positioning the whole cell

Any ideas how I could solve the problem without resorting to c
columns and manually breaking the title lines? The documents are
generated automatically, thus having to break lines generates
other problems for me.

Thanks in advance,

	Susan Dittmar

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