[texhax] Installer experience

Schnathorst, Randall G randall.g.schnathorst at lmco.com
Mon Oct 17 18:39:29 CEST 2005

Dear TUG:

I have been using LaTeX for about 10 years.  I recently installed LaTeX on my new Mac OS X computer from the TeX Live 2004 DVD.  Most things worked great, but there was one minor glitch that I thought you might want to know about in case there are any plans to revise the already-excellent installer.   Of course, it's possible that I unknowingly did something wrong; if so, please accept my apology for sending this e-mail.  And don't feel obliged to reply to this e-mail; it is for your information only.  

This was my experience:  After following the installation instructions in the TeX Live Guide, I was able to use LaTeX.  However, when I tried to use either the amsmath or amssymb packages, I got errors saying that certain "cmex" font files were not found, even though the amsmath and amssymb packages themselves were recognized.  To fix this, I copied all directories called "cmex" and "cmextra" from the DVD to the corresponding locations on my computer, and then I ran the mktexlsr script as recommended in the TeX Live Guide.  After that, I was able to use the amsmath and amssymb packages.

Except for this minor bump, the installation process went smoothly.  Thank you all for making it so easy.  

Randy Schnathorst

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