[texhax] Non-Author bibliographic citations in LaTex

Dr. John Keating john.keating at nuim.ie
Tue Oct 4 18:13:53 CEST 2005


I'm using the natbib citation package and I want to cite a  
"Department of Education" report - I would like to use something like  
\citep{DES:2002}, say, to produce "(Department of Education, 2002)"  
in the text and "Department of Education (2002). *blah*" in the  
references. However, I can't seem to avoid the author field in my  
bibtex entry converted to "of Education, D. and Science (2002).  
*blah*" and "(of Education and Science, 2002)" in the text!

I use \bibliographystyle{apalike} as the bibliography style! Here is  
a typical bibtex entry:

@misc {DES:2002,
   author = {Department of Education and Science},
   publisher = {Department of Education and Science, Dublin},
   title = {\textit{Information Booklet for Schools on Asylum Seekers}},
   year = 2002

Cheers, John.

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