[texhax] multipage framed boxes, open across page boundary

Niall Mansfield texhax at uit.co.uk
Tue Nov 29 10:56:24 CET 2005

I'm looking for multipage framed boxes.

I get almost what I need with

except that if a frame crosses a page boundary, it should appear as
below, to make it clear that the second-page box is a continuation of
the first, i.e. first box is open at bottom, second is open at top.

|                                            |
|       stuff on first page                  |

	<no line at end>

	...  <newpage> ...

	<no line at top>

|       stuff on second page                 |
|                                            |

There was a posting back in August ("[texhax] multipage framed boxes")
but I'm afraid I didn't understand how to do what someone suggested,
viz.: "use the framed environment and ensure that the frame will
extend down beyond the normal area for the text block. Then, set a
flag when one starts a framed environment ...".

Is there a package that provides this functionality?

	Niall Mansfield

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