[texhax] superscripts and spacing problem

Joey Coyle joeypics at xcoyle.com
Mon Nov 28 15:39:12 CET 2005


I am printing out musical chords like C7 or A7 with the 7  
superscripted...  It looks fine with the C7, but with the A7, with  
the inward slope of the A, the 7 should be moved closer to the A...,  
I know I can do this manually with \hspace, but I have a macro   
\DomSev{C}  or \DomSev{A} that prints the chord and the macro doesn't  
know what note it will take as an argument...

I thought the beauty of Tex was that it handled this kind of thing  

Another problem I have, is when a slash character "/"   follows a  
superscript....   here the slash badly needs to be moved closer to  
the superscript, so the base of the slash actually starts under the  


I have tried both
$^{...}$ and \textsuperscript and both yield the same spacing problems.

And ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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