[texhax] hyperref and listoffigures

Jean-Baptiste MOREAU jbaptiste_moreau at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 21 10:58:23 CET 2005

I am willing to create a pdf file with hyperlinks. I am using the 
hyperref package with the “frenchb” package :



I have two problems that are maybe linked using the list of figures 
(\listoffigures) and tables (\listoftables).

First in the list of figures and tables, the captions that are wider 
than the page width do not appear correctly : the text does not end at 
the end of the line - there is no return to next line at the end of the 
first line so that it overwrites page borders (it appears on one line 

Moreover in the list of figures and tables, when there is a hyperlink 
(\cite or \ref) included in the caption, the hyperlink that should link 
to the figure in the text does not work : it seems to be a conflict 
between two hyperlinks…

Otherwise I noticed that when I don’t use the “hyperref” package, the 
list of figures and tables appear alright. Does anyone heard about these 
problems ?

Thanks very much for any help.

J.B. Moreau


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