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>>> "David C. Walden" <dave at walden-family.com> 11/17/2005 9:04 am >>>
But Word2TeX surely won't format the LaTeX output exactly
like it looked in Word.  Therefore, after running Word2TeX,
you will have to do some manual editing of the LaTeX file to
finish formatting the LaTeX version of your paper; this will
require some knowledge of LaTeX.  Word2TeX is available
discounted for about $85; there are also free programs
to help with the Word to TeX conversion.  I suspect that
in all cases you will have to learn something about LaTeX
to finish off the formatting. 

I am not so sure.....it may depend on how closely you need the match,
and how well you
follow the directions in word2tex about using Word.....

I just tried a toy example, going from Word to LaTeX, and it looks very
good.  But it requires using Word 'correctly'; that is, to make a
heading you have to go to style, and choose a heading level (that is,
you should not do this yourself).

I've had problems with bibliographies, but that's because I use
Procite, ajnd Word2tex doesn't deal with that.

Of course, I only tried a toy example......but not a total toy

here's the tex code that word2tex produced

% Converted from Microsoft Word to LaTeX
% by Chikrii Softlab Word2TeX converter (version 3.0)
% Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Chikrii Softlab. All rights reserved.
% http://www.chikrii.com 
% mailto: info at chikrii.com 
% License: CSL#001DA9


\section{First heading}
Here is some normal text.

(1.1) $\begin{array}{l}
 x+y+z=1 \\
 x^2+y^2+z^2=2 \\
 x^3+y^3+z^3=3 \\

That was a formula

\subsection{This is a subheading}
This is more normal text

\subsection{Another subheading}
\section{The second and last main heading}
There is nothing in this section.


In the new year, I may have time to play around with this more.....


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