[texhax] saved macro files?

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Nov 13 13:20:24 CET 2005

At 22:07 09.11.05, Kate Hayes wrote:
>I make extensive use of TeX macros (we use plain old TeX on Mac OS9), and 
>I'd love it if there were an easy way to apply different macro files, 
>depending on the document, so I didn't have to keep switching and (argh) 
>re-entering the macros every darn time I switch projects.

First read the first sentences of the last paragraph on TeXbook p. 383.
It may be helpful to continue. Some other paragraphs of section
`4. Selective loading ...' starting on TeXbook p. 382 may be useful.

Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if you find macros on CTAN that
implement the suggestions of the TeXbook. I have seen in other
cases that a number of packages implements (variants of) macros
described in the TeXbook.

And finally it should be added: The macro files should be in some
common directory. You may need to tell your TeX installation to
look for files there. Someone at your company might know how
to do this.

And even more finally: Your company might consider moving to
LaTeX which offers a number of facilities to handle macro files.
It may need no or only a few modifications for doing the same
things as before. This doesn't apply well, e.g., when you have
your own output routines. However:
1. Commercial use of LaTeX may require permission from the
LaTeX Project Team, I guess; see www.latex-project.org.
2. There are alternatives to plain TeX and LaTeX of whom I know
little more than the names, so recommding LaTeX may be


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