[texhax] making flow chart with latex

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Sun Nov 13 13:18:29 CET 2005

>   > On 2005-11-11 08:59:04 +0100, Alphonse Monkamg wrote:
>   >> I'm currently Ph.D student at the university of Bordeaux
>   >> (France).  Please, I would like to know how to construct a flow
>   >> chart with latex. Possible if you may have a latex example.
Then Martin wrote

>   > Please, next time do your research yourself.

Then Reinhard wrote

> What a crappy response...  Sorry, Martin.

Let's see....

Martin's response was informative, but abrupt.  Even if a person believe that TeXhax should only be a sort of 'last resort' (which I don't necessarily believe) wouldn't it be nicer to say
"Here's how you can do this.  And, here's how you could have found the answer"  rather than 'next time please do your research yourself?"  Experienced TeX people know how to find information.  But none of it is obvious to newbies.  Certainly finding and installing packages can be confusing.   (Although it's gotten better even in the time I've been using TeX)

Reinhard, I think, made some good points.  But the phrase 'crappy response' is certainly not polite itself.  Personally, I'd welcome a broader ranging discussion of all sorts of things tex-related on this list.....the delete key is easy to hit.  For all I know, there are many ways to write flowcharts (or whatever) and some may be better for different purposes.  

Also, another place to refer people is variious articles in the PracTeX journal, which has had good pieces on, e.g., using CTAN effectively




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