[texhax] saved macro files?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Nov 10 23:58:48 CET 2005

Maybe something along the lines of :

JN-Test.tex :

	\input \jobname.macros

JN-Test.macros :

	\input macro-set-1
	\input macro-set-2

Using this technique, every master file (e.g., JN-Test.tex)
has associated with it a single macro file with the same
name but the extension ".macros"; that file then inputs
any macros common to all jobs plus macros unique to that
particular job.

In your own words, "clear as mud ?" !

Philip Taylor
Kate Hayes wrote:

> I make extensive use of TeX macros (we use plain old TeX on Mac OS9), 
> and I'd love it if there were an easy way to apply different macro 
> files, depending on the document, so I didn't have to keep switching and 
> (argh) re-entering the macros every darn time I switch projects.
> Clear as mud?

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