[texhax] Latex and tables

Magnus Ottosson it3otma at ituniv.se
Wed Nov 9 14:28:13 CET 2005


Im quite new to Latex and I have a few problems. I have created a few
tables with code like the following:


\begin{tabular}{p{70mm} p{70mm}}
Use case:  & Import Photos from Hard Drive \\
Actors: & User \\
Type: & Primary \\
Purpose: & To import photos and show them in the main window. \\
Description: & A user has a folder on a hard drive with photos which
should be shown in the program. \\ 
Typical course of events: \\

...more tables....


...more tables...

...more sections and tables...

This ends up with that first ALL tables are displayed and after that the
section headlines are displayed.

Can I somehow define that everything withing a bracket or something
belongs to a specific section and should be displayed in this specific
order? Depending on the size of the tables and such they are displayed
in very wiered orders...

Any ideas?

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